Best Gift Idea for the Car Lover in Your Life

Best Gift Idea for the Car Lover in Your Life

It’s that time of year again huh? You need to give the car guy in your life (whether that’s your father, boyfriend, husband, or son) a present but you don’t want to settle for something that shows no thought or breaks the bank. 

After all, you’re better at gift giving than him. 

Let me know if this sounds familiar. 

So just like every other year, you open Google and type in the same search as you did last year “best gifts for car guys”, “best car gifts for him 2022” or something along those lines. 

And as soon as the page titled “17 best gifts for car guys” loads you scroll does and say to yourself “nope, he won’t like that” and “he definitely won’t like this either” and so on until you get to the end. 

Instead of getting 17 car gift ideas for car guys you got recommended 17 car gifts he’d never like. 

So where does that leave you? 

You can get him cleaning products? But let’s be honest, if you do that you’re just settling. 

How about a gift card to his favorite auto parts store? You can do better. 

So that leads us to the question...What do you get the guy that has everything? 

Fortunately for you, we have the answer, as do THOUSANDS of other customers who have been in your shoes and then have written reviews telling us how special the gift they got for their car lover was. 

Imagine a gift that celebrates his passion AND shows off his ride. A personalized gift just for him. 

A gift that makes him say “this is the BEST gift you’ve ever gotten me” 

(By the way, there’s hundreds of reviews just like this that we have)

Our custom car blankets are the best gift for car guys. And here’s 3 reasons why. 

  1. Each one is custom. You upload a photo of HIS car 
  2. All printed blankets have EXTREMELY high detail. This means we’ll capture every detail of his car. 
  3. Every blanket is made of high quality fleece so it’ll keep him warm every time you’re not around. 

And the best part is that you can choose from a number of different backgrounds.

His Custom Car blanket will be the BEST gift he’s every gotten. We guarantee it!

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Custom Car Blanket

Custom Car Blanket

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