Custom Made Car Blanket with His Car

17 Best Gifts for Car Guys (Best of 2022)

17 Best Gifts for Car Guys

Getting a gift for him, whether it’s Father’s Day, a birthday, or you’re just in the giving spirit, can be hard—especially if he loves cars. There are a lot of cool products out there for car lovers that can help them take care of their baby, show off their love of cars, or give them a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This list of car gifts can help anyone at any budget find the perfect gift for the man (or woman) in your life who has a burning passion for cars.

Check out #1, it's our favorite & the BEST gift for car lovers! You can skip and go straight to it here

My Car Blanket

17. Car Scratch Remover

While mistakes happen, wouldn’t it be amazing if we make some of them disappear? In life, it’s not so easy, but for your car, there are special removers that can help make little scratches disappear. Gift the power of scratch remover so any unfortunate marks can vanish.

Adam's Polishes Scratch Remover

16. A Pair of Car-Themed Socks

A pair of “Clutch and Gas” socks can be the perfect little stocking stuffer or surprise gift. Why not get him a pair of socks with clutch and gas written on the left and right feet. This will surely tickle any manual control elitists you know and love.

Cool Clutch Gas Socks

15. Engine-Themed Wall Art

Why not help him bring his love of cars inside the house with a blueprint diagram of a car transmission. This diagram poster brings honor to Henry Ford and will look good in a garage, workplace, or even in the living room.

Car Transmission Poster

14. A Sleek Travel Mug

Not everyone likes coffee, but nearly everyone has something hot to drink to start their day. Why not get a sleek travel mug that looks as cool and modern as your car lover’s dream ride does?

Travel Mug

13. Drive Time Sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses has endless value but take that value and up it a notch when the lenses offer 100% UV protection. The sun may make that new paint job gleam, but UV rays aren’t great for your skin. Get a pair that look great, like these, and block out the UV rays to protect their eyes from glaring sunlight.

Reflective Glasses

12. An Unusual Piece: An Engine Coffee Machine??

Sometimes, we don’t just have one love in life, and coffee and cars can live hand in hand in our hearts. This coffee machine is made by amazing Italian craftsmen who have made that combination dream a reality by making the engine-inspired coffee machine.

Get a stunning piece for inside their workspace or inside as a statement piece in the kitchen when you get one of these beautiful handmade expresso-making devices by Super Veloce.

Espresso Machine

11. A Silly Tee-Shirt “Sorry Officer I Thought You Wanted to Race” 

While it probably wouldn’t be best to get pulled over with this shirt, it will probably make your car lover smile when they see this shirt. This would be a great gift to give in combination with a racing ticket to really play up the joke.

Funny Shirt

10. Look Out for His Safety—An Emergency Seatbelt Cutter

This device can cut a seatbelt or make smashing a window in an emergency easy. While this is a gift you may hope never gets used, it’s always best to be prepared.

Keychain Car Escape Tool

9. Beach Seat Covers 

A lot of car lovers also have a soft spot in their hearts for a furry friend. However, dogs often “ruff” up back seats and leave marks and scratches on a car's interior. This seat cover can prevent damage, so they don’t have to worry about bringing their pal into their car again.

Car Seat Cover

8. Leather Cleaning and Restoration Liquid

Now, that furry friend may have already left a few unsightly marks on a car’s upholstery, or maybe the car interior has just faded a bit from the usual wear and tear and sun damage. This leather cleaning agent can help them get the shine they love back!

Leather Cleaner & Restorer

7. A Neat Upgrade—The Steering Knob

So many people like to drive with one hand, but it’s not the safest way to drive. However, with a steering knob, one-handed driving becomes just as easy as two-handed driving!

Power Handle Car Knob

6. Get a Ticket to A Race 

One of the best ways to celebrate cars is by watching the top-of-the-line vehicles hit the track at a race. Take a look and see what local racing events are going on in your area and get a ticket to make a great gift and outing for your car lover. Consider getting two tickets and heading to the track with them.

5. Or Get a Racing Game

Not everyone likes to get out of the house or go to racing events! Instead, gift them a racing game for their favorite gaming system and let them be in the race instead of just watching. Plus, racing games are often multiplayer games, so you can try your hand at a racing simulation as well!

4. A Car-Themed Money Clip

How much does your car lover like carbon fiber? Often a favorite amongst car enthusiasts, a carbon fiber cash clip will look sleek, be lightweight, and super durable.

Carbon Fiber Money Clip

3. Give Them a Stylish Wheel

A new steering wheel can give the whole car interior a new feel. This classic wood grain steering wheel will be fun for any car enthusiast to install and is perfect for the classic car lover!

2. The Perfect Detailing Vacuum

You’ve probably watched your car lover clean and wax their car for hours in their spare time. But it can be difficult to get the same level of interior clean without heading to a car wash if you don’t have the right vacuum to get into the nooks and crannies.

Custom Car Blanket

1. A Custom Blanket from My Car Blanket (Our Favorite)

This top pick is a sure-to-be favorite. Get a gift that will remind them of their car even when they’re in bed or on the couch watching the big game. With a wide variety of backgrounds to choose from, you can pick the blanket style he'll be sure to love. Then, you can upload a picture of your car lover's favorite ride and have it printed right on this high-quality soft custom blanket.

This is a personal favorite, as it’s super customizable. What other product lets you put your own car on it?

Best Gift for Car Lover - Custom Car Blanket 

This list of 17 gift ideas should help you find the perfect gift for him or any car lover. Topping our list with a fantastic customizable blanket or the perfect detailing vacuum, there’s a little something for anyone!