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"best gift for car lovers"

OnlyTuners Embroidered Hoodie

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For those who breathe life into cars, turning them from stock to rockstars, our "OnlyTuners" hoodie is a salute to your craft. Meticulously embroidered, not just printed, it captures the essence of the tuner world with superior longevity and detail.

Embroidered Detailing:
Offers a richer, textured look
Stands the test of time, resistant to fading and wear, like a well-tuned car
Reflects precision and commitment, the core of every tuner's ethos
100% Soft Cotton Face:
Ensures comfort, akin to the satisfaction of a perfect tune-up
Durable Cotton-Polyester Blend:
Ready for every garage session and midnight run
Front Pouch Pocket:
Ideal for tuner tools and car meet essentials
Matching Flat Drawstrings:
Secure the fit, mirroring the precision of a tuner's touch
Tailored true to size; for extra comfort during those long tuning sessions, consider one size up
With My Car Blanket's "OnlyTuners" hoodie, wear your passion on your sleeve. Because tuning isn't just a hobby; it's a lifestyle. If you're not tuning, are you even living? And if it's not embroidered, does it even last? 😉