Custom Cat Blanket - Coolest Gift for Car Lovers

20 Coolest Gifts for Car Guys 2022 (Best Gifts Any Car Guy will LOVE)

20 Coolest Gifts for Car Guys

There's no doubt about it: car guys love their cars. But what do you get the car guy who already has everything? Check out our list of 20 cool gifts for car guys–they're sure to please any gearhead.

From practical tools and accessories to fun and frivolous gadgets, we've got something for everyone on your list. So don't pull your hair out trying to think of the perfect gift—we've done the hard work for you!

Gift 1: Custom Car Blanket (Our Favorite Because It's the Most Unique)

An awesome car blanket is perfect for the car guy in your life. This Custom Car Blanket features a personalized image of their car and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. It's the perfect gift for anyone who is passionate about their automobile. It's also perfect for the car guys that have everything. 

Custom Car Blanket - Best Gift For Car Lovers

Gift 2: 12-Volt Portable Air Compressor

A portable air compressor isn't just fantastic. It's incredibly versatile. This is one of those tools you didn't know you couldn't live without!

These bad boys from EPAuto are perfect for airing up tires after a weekend of off-roading, firing up your air tools to work on your car, inflating rafts for fun in the sun, and even blasting yourself with an air cannon when you want to have some silly fun.

Portable Air Compressor Pump

Gift 3: Professional Tire Repair Kit

There's one thing all automotive enthusiasts know: flats happen. So make sure you are never unprepared again with this high-quality Maikehigh tire repair kit.

It comes with a vinyl hammer, heavy-duty gloves, aerosol tire sealant, and rubber primer to get you back on the road, plus a pair of safety goggles for eye protection and both metal and plastic lug wrenches.

Tire Repair Kit

Gift 4: Slime Smart Spair Flat Tire Repair Kit

For a quick and easy flat tire solution, this emergency tire repair kit is what every car guy needs in his trunk.

This Slime Smart Spair Kit contains everything you need to fix a flat in just 15 minutes without having to use a car jack and tire wrenches. It even has a 12-volt DC air compressor, so you can inflate your tires as soon as you're done!

Flat Tire Repair Kit

Gift 5: Magnetic Parts Tray

If there's one thing any mechanic knows, it's that parts tend to migrate during a repair and end up getting lost forever. But if you use a magnetic parts tray, those pesky little metal bits will be stuck to your workspace instead of spreading out all over the garage.

The HORUSDY Magnetic Parts Tray is an excellent choice for a mechanic or serious backyard fabricator—it has a large surface area and a strong magnet that holds up to eight pounds.

Magnetic Parts Tray

Gift 6: Auto Meter Ultra-Lite 30" Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge

Stainless steel oil pressure gauges make great gifts because they're functional, eye-catching, and easy to install.

This 2-1/16 inch diameter gauge from Auto Meter perfectly fits any standard 3-1/16 inch pod and provides accurate readings within 5% at all ranges. It's an excellent accessory for any serious shop tools set.

Oil Pressure Gauge

Gift 7: 3-Piece 4-1/2" Cushioned Vinyl Floor Mats with Anti-Skid Backing

With three different colors to choose from, these custom-fit floor mats from WeatherTech are the perfect addition to any vehicle. With an anti-skid bottom and a unique design that hugs the contours of your specific make and model, these mats will stay put in even rough conditions—and they're easy to clean, too!

All Weather Floor Mats

Gift 8: Jax Wax Professional Tire Dressing Applicator

Is your favorite car guy always on the lookout for new detailing tools? This double-sided applicator from Jax Wax is made of fine quality materials, ensures precise and even results, and is perfect for applying waxes, dressings, tires sprays, protectant sprays, and more.

Tire Dressing Sponge

Gift 9: EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade

Designed with 70% tint to block out harmful UV rays, this UVS10 from EzyShade will reduce trapped heat to keep things cool inside. In addition, it's treated with an antimicrobial coating that prevents dangerous mold growth, so you can rest easy knowing your car is safe for anyone who sits inside.

Windshield Sun Shade

Gift 10: Fredyusu Car Tissue Dispenser

Tired of blindly searching for tissues when you suddenly need to sneeze while driving? Consider getting a car tissue dispenser to make driving a little more comfortable.

This car tissue dispenser from Fredyusu frees up dash or window space while making sure that your tissues always remain in the same location within arm's reach.

Gift 11: Koolatron P-7 Compact 12-Volt Portable Refrigerator/Warmer

Is your favorite motoring enthusiast always on-the-go? Don't let him go without a tasty lunch during an epic road trip!

This compact 12V refrigerator/warmer from Koolatron plugs into a car's cigarette lighter and heats or chills food and drinks with no need for ice or messy ice packs. It has adjustable temperature control, too!

Portable Cooler

Gift 12: Blue Sea Systems Distribution Block and Bus Bar

This distribution block and bus bar system is a must-have for the gearhead who likes to get serious about powering his custom ride.

This four-gauge high current bus bar can be used in multiple locations—including behind the battery, under the hood, inside the trunk, and up under the dash—and makes perfect sense when paired with other Blue Sea Systems components like fuse blocks and circuit breakers.

Gift 13: CTEK Multi US 7002 Battery Charger

Keeping a car battery fully charged can be challenging when you're constantly struggling to find enough time for wrenching.

This compact, powerful 6V/12V, 7 Amp automatic battery charger from CTEK uses advanced charging technology to prolong the lifespan of your vehicle's battery while delivering dependable performance in harsh conditions. It offers three-step charging modes and compatibility with diesel engines.

Battery Charger

Gift 14: OTC SO22 Automotive Jack Stands

A good set of jack stands is one of the most important safety items that any mechanic can own, and these are some of our favorites.

From industry leader OTC, these heavy-duty jack stands easily support up to 3500 lbs. and include a convenient swivel pad that prevents damage from tilted loads. They're also straightforward to use, with a built-in carrying handle and an automatic locking pin that make them as safe as they are reliable!

 Jack Stands

Gift 15: iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dashboard & Windshield Car Mount Holder

Got a friend who always talks about giving his old car or truck one last "flick of the wrist" before going down the road?

This upcoming road trip, help him steer clear of distracted driving with this dashboard and windshield car mount holder from iOttie. With one-touch operation, easily adjustable arms, and a super smooth ball joint, it offers versatile positioning for nearly any mobile device on the market.

Car Mount

Gift 16: Titan 11061 Magnetic Tray with Gel Pockets

When it comes to keeping tools, parts, hardware, and accessories organized in the garage or on the workbench, you can't beat this magnetic tray from Titan!

Each 6" x 4" pocket features an ultra-strong neodymium magnet that holds metal objects securely in place—even when held upside down. And with three convenient mounting options included), it's easy to attach to any flat surface in seconds.

Gift 17: THISWORX Car Vacuum Cleaner

Busy mechanics need a powerful—yet affordable—way to keep their cars clean. This car vacuum cleaner from THISWORX is the answer. Featuring 1650W of suction power, it picks up dust, dirt, sand, and more with ease. What's more, each cleaning session can be started or stopped remotely right from your smartphone.

Gift 18: BALDR Outlet Portable Power Station

Whether on a road trip or just commuting to work, there are few things worse than running out of battery power on your smartphone when you need it the most.

Keep one device charged up at all times with this powerful 12000mAh USB power station from BALDR, or charge two devices simultaneously using its companion power cord. It is also equipped with a built-in LED flashlight for emergencies.

Gift 19: Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amps Jump Starter

No matter how much you try to avoid the situation, sooner or later, you're bound to be stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery. So get back on the road quickly with this powerful jump starter from Stanley.

With 1000 amps of peak output, an air compressor, and 300 watts of pure power, it's perfect for an on-the-fly roadside jump start. It also doubles as a rechargeable power pack that can store enough juice for multiple jump-starts.

Portable Power Station

Gift 20: iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

A professional-grade toolkit is a must for any garage or workbench! This versatile toolkit from iFixit comes with over 200 of the most popular tools used by both home mechanics and auto body technicians.

It includes six screwdriver bit tips, six nut driver bits, eight hex keys, three pry bars, five precision screwdrivers, ten specialty sockets, an extension bar set, 55 internal snap-ring pliers, and much more–everything a serious car guy needs.

So Many Choices, So Little Time

Whether you're looking for some last-minute gifts or simply trying to get an early jump on your holiday shopping, these are some of the BEST automotive-related products that make perfect gifts for any car guy (or gal!) in your life.

There's one gift that we like best on the list: the Custom Car Blanket. This blanket is custom-made with your favorite automotive photo, logo, or design. Also, it's made from soft, high-quality fleece–a comfortable, cozy way to show enthusiasm for your car.

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Best Gift For Car Lovers - Custom Car Blanket of Their Car