19 BEST & Most UNIQUE Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

19 BEST & Most UNIQUE Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

19 Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

Getting a gift for a motorcycle rider should be easy—after all, you know exactly what they like! It’s usually not so simple, though. There are so many gift options out there, and it can be a little overwhelming. This list of 19 gift ideas will help you find the best gift for the person in your life who just can’t get enough of their motorcycle.

Best Gift for Motorcycle Riders

19. A Good Pair of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are super important for having a good ride on a motorcycle. With a pair like these, which offer 100% UV protection and come in 20 colors, there are plenty of options so you can pick the perfect pair.


18. An Awesome Clock

Motorcycles have a cool look about them. They’re sleek machines that offer a thrill to everyone who rides them. This clock also has that cool stripped-down look, and with the retro flip numbers, it will be perfect in any office or workshop.

3 Wheeled Rolling Clock

17. The Whole TOP GEAR DVD Collection

This show is a classic, and it’s so prevalent that Top Gear is a household name, and those who don’t even really like cars or motorcycles know about it. Getting a complete season collection for any automobile enthusiast is sure to please!

16. Give a Shine to Old Tires 

Tires take the brunt of most rides around town, so they often look worn, dull, and faded. And bright shining new tires don’t stay that way for long. When you use a tire shine spray, you can instantly brighten that faded rubber. Shock your motorcycle lover by surprising them with a wash and a tire shine!

Tire Shine Spray

15. A Good Tool Set

Now, a lot of people have tools, but do they have a good toolset? Cheap tools make an easy job harder than it should be. For the right person, this DeWalt will be a step above the regular and make working on their motorcycle an absolute joy.

14. Try out a Magnetic Tool Wristband 

This little accessory brings convenience to the next level. When they're busy and greasy, in the thick of working on a motorcycle, the last thing they want to do is break the flow and look for a little metal bit they need. With this, all the small parts they need on hand will always be on their wrists.

Magnetic Wristband

13. A Rolling Multipurpose Toolbox and Stool

Have a real tool lover on your hands? Why not get them a quality toolbox and stool, that can make it easy for them to have their tools on hand and give them a good place to sit while ensuring their cycle is in tip-top shape?

Rolling Tool Chest Seat

12. Motorcycle Books 

Consider adding a cool illustrated book or motorcycle magazine to your friend's collection of motorcycle memorabilia.

11. A Surface Cleaner that Works

While some find the basics of vehicle maintenance boring, others love to constantly touch up and work on their motorcycle. If that’s your motorcycle enthusiast, then they’ll appreciate you investing in a quality clearer, like this one, for them!

All Purpose Cleaner

10. Themed Apparel: Race it, Break it, Fix it, Repeat 

This shirt is comfortable and sure to be enjoyed by any vehicle enthusiast.

9. Horn Kings 150db Train Horn

Motorcyclists need to alert drivers who are distracted around them. The Horn Kings 150db Train Horn gives your motorcycle the sound it should have to keep you safe on the road. Their 150db train horn is mountable on all bikes and installation takes 30 or so minutes.

150db train horn for motorcycles

8. A Gift Card to Their Favorite Car Store

Picking the right gift can be hard, especially if you’re not quite sure what your favorite motorcycle enthusiast needs or wants in terms of tools, parts, or accessories. Take a bit of the stress off your shoulders and encourage them to go on a shopping spree by gifting them a gift card.

7. Get Official Motorsports Apparel

Does your friend love racing? Head over to CMC Motorsports to find amazing official racing apparel so they can represent their favorite sportsmen and vehicles!

6. Plan a Trip and Celebrate the Invention of the Motorcycle

Consider heading to Wisconsin to visit the home of Harley Davidson and participate in a grand parade of motorcyclists. This event happens each summer, so you always have a chance to make memories neither of you will ever forget!

5. A Motorcycle Maintenance or Repair Manual 

A real enthusiast probably has a favorite motorcycle model—whether they own it or not! Getting a manual or a repair manual for that model can be very exciting, and it will show that you’ve been paying attention to their interests.

4. Get a Model Kit

For those who can’t stop building stuff and working with their hands, getting a model kit replica of an engine from their favorite vehicle or a miniature of their favorite motorcycle can be a fun way to keep them busy. And they can display their model in their workshop or at their day job.

3. An RC Car: For the Child in Them

Hey, everyone loves toys. Some toys are just a little bigger and more expensive than others. For anyone who likes going fast and wants to have a fun way to experiment with driving on different terrains, a good RC car can withstand a lot of beatings. If you get a few, get all your friends together for mini races for lasting fun.

2. A Motorcycle Themed Subscription Box

Who says Christmas only has to come once a year? Getting subscription boxes for a whole year can be a little pricey, but the look on your lover's or spouse's face when they get this box each month will surely be worth it.

1. The Ultimate Ode: A Customizable Blanket 

Why not give your motorcycle-loving friend the closest thing you can to gifting them a new motorcycle is by getting the next best thing—their ride turned into a soft, high-quality blanket. Choose from a variety of funny phrases or get a photo perfectly rendered into fleece when you choose to work make a Custom Motorcycle Blanket.

This gift is sure to make them smile every time they see it and makes a one-of-a-kind statement piece anywhere!

Custom Motorcycle Blanket - Unique & Best Gift for Motorcycle Riders

Custom Motorcycle Blanket - Coolest Gift for Motorcycle Lovers

Get Them the Best

Every item on this list will make a great gift for a motorcycle lover and make the best choice for your lover, friend, or parent! A custom blanket with their motorcycle on it will surely become a treasured possession, and any maintenance gear will show that you also care about their hobby. But any accessory or motorcycle-themed item is sure to please.