17 Best Gifts for Tesla Owners

17 Best Gifts for Tesla Owners

17 Best Gifts for Tesla Owners

As a Tesla owner, you know that you have a special car. Not only is it stylish and futuristic, but it's also eco-friendly and powerful. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a Tesla owner, then look no further!

We've put together a list of the 17 best gifts for Tesla owners. From practical accessories to fun gadgets, we've got something for everyone on this list. So take a look and find the perfect gift for your favorite Tesla owner (including yourself!).

Gift 1: Tesla Model S Wireless Charger

The Tesla Model S Wireless Charger is a must-have for any Tesla owner. The charging unit uses Qi technology to charge your phone wirelessly and plugs right into the 12V port in your car. We recommend the double wireless charger which allows you to keep both of your devices running from one plug.

Wireless Charger Center Console Organizer for your Tesla

Gift 2: Custom Car Blanket

A custom car blanket is a great gift for any Tesla owner. These blankets are made of super soft fleece material that Tesla drives can use for their vehicles and they're available in a variety of styles & color combinations. The best part? You can even upload an image of your choice to be printed on the blanket!

Custom Car Blanket - Best Gift for Tesla Owners

Gift 3: Naibaior Tesla Model S Key Fob

The Naibaior Tesla Model S Key Fob is an awesome gift for any Tesla owner. This sleek fob functions both as a key and a wireless key to lock/unlock the car. And since it uses Bluetooth 4 technology, you can rest assured that this gadget will be compatible with newer models down the road.

Key Fob Case

Gift 4: BlackVue Dual HD Camera Car Recorder

The BlackVue Dual HD Camera Car Recorder is a high-quality dashcam for your car. It features two 1080p HD cameras, which record an amazing 30 frames per second. The best part is that it has Cloud connectivity—if you're ever involved in an accident, the footage will be uploaded to the website.

Car Recorder

Gift 5: Tesla Model S License Plate Frame - BRUSHED ALUMINUM

This stylish brushed aluminum license plate frame makes any Tesla look good. It's sleek and modern and makes a great addition to any Tesla license plate.

Aluminum License Plate Frame

Gift 6: My EV Charger Locking Wall Mount for Electric Vehicles, White

This inexpensive wall mount is perfect as a charging station for your car. This cordless device avoids the mess of cords typical of many charging stations. It looks attractive in any garage or parking space and is easy to install. Just plug it into a standard outlet and enjoy the tidiness of a cordless charging station.

Portable EV Charger

Gift 7: Topfit Tesla Model S Universal Center Console Organizer

The Topfit Tesla Model S Universal Center Console Organizer is perfect for drivers who need somewhere to store their mobile device and other accessories. It fits into any center console space to keep your car organized and clutter-free.

Model S Center Console Organizer

Gift 8: KIKIMO Vacuum Cleaner for Tesla Model S

The KIKIMO Vacuum Cleaner for Tesla Model S has a unique and innovative design that allows you to clean your car in just 5 minutes. It attaches directly to the charging port so that drivers can easily clean out any messes their kids or pets have made while on the road.

Vacuum Cleaner for Tesla

Gift 9: Leviton EVB40-PST Evr-Green 400 Universal Electric Vehicle Charger

You won't even need to install the Leviton Evr-Green 400 Universal Electric Vehicle Charger—just mount it on your wall and plug it in! This charger isn't weatherproofed, but it's ideal for your garage or carport. It works for electric vehicles with an SAE J1772 connector (also known as the "pigtail"), including Teslas.

electric vehicle charging station

Gift 10: ToughPRO Cargo Mat

The ToughPRO Cargo Mat looks great and serves its purpose well: protecting the trunk floor of your Model S from dirt and spills. This mat attaches right to your existing cargo cover and installs with ease—no tools required! The standard color for the Model S is black.

Cargo/Trunk Mat

Gift 11: Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

The Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are ageless and classic, and that’s what eveyrone adores about them. Designed by Oakley, these sunglasses were "inspired by classic film heroes of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s... and embody the spirit of exploration and adventure." If you're looking for the best of both worlds, these sunglasses are for the Tesla owner in your life.


Gift 12: Xpel R4000-MOV Tesla Model S Paint Protection Film Kit

Give the gift of protection with the Xpel R4000-MOV Tesla Model S Paint Protection Film Kit. This kit includes a complete paint protection film set for the hood, front bumper, side mirrors, door handles, and rear bumper. The sheets are specially treated to be used on this electric vehicle.

Clear Paint Protection Film

Gift 13: TOUGHPro Tesla Model S Cargo Mat Set (Performance)

This premium cargo mat set fits perfectly with your Tesla Model S and looks sharp. The best part about this tray is that it can hold a surprising amount of weight without sagging. It's perfect for holding groceries, boxes, or anything else you put in your trunk.

Floor Mats

Gift 14: Solar Shield – Tesla Model S

The Solar Shield for the Tesla Model S maximizes your driving pleasure. This device blocks heat from entering your car and also prevents the steering wheel from heating up. It's perfect for sunny climates or even daily commutes where you park outside.

Sunshade for Tesla Model S

Gift 15: Tesla Model S Coilovers

A coilover suspension system is an excellent upgrade for any vehicle, but it's particularly well-suited for the Model S. This upgrade allows you to adjust your ride height, easily switching between having a sleek look or increased clearance. You'll also enjoy firmer, more responsive handling.

Note: Not compatible with all-wheel types.


Gift 16: The Tesla Model S P85 Decal Emblem Overlay

This emblem overlay will give your car a sleek, finished look. Since each piece is pre-cut to fit the Model S perfectly, all you need to do is peel and stick. This decal comes in many colors.

Gift 17: How to Drive: Real World Instruction and Advice from Hollywood’s Top Driver

As a Le Mans and NASCAR racer, a Batmobile driver, and a James Bond stunt driver, Ben Collins has a wealth of experience and knowledge that will help you become the greatest driver you can be. All skill levels can benefit from Collin's driving philosophy that has been refined over thousands of hours of elite-level performance in physics of driving.

Our Favorite

We know there are so many to choose from on our list that it might seem overwhelming. However, one gift stands out among the rest, and that's the Custom Car Blanket. Who doesn't want a comfortable experience while driving their Tesla for long distances?

So, if you want to snuggle up to your sweetheart on a cold and snowy night, our custom car blanket is sure to keep you warm and cozy! And if you’re still not convinced, check out what one of our satisfied customers had to say:


Put Your Tesla on a Custom Car Blanket - Best Gift for Tesla Owners

Wrap Up

So there you have it! A list of some great gifts for any Tesla owner. If you know someone who owns, is thinking about owning, or simply admires the Tesla Model S series, any one of these gifts is sure to make them happy.

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